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bearings turning parts furniture fitting parts
Bearings Turning parts Furniture fitting parts
in normal and EMQ-quality according standard, according to drawing with different lubrications. of different materials e.g. St 37, C35, C45, C25, 20CrMn, St12, St13, St14, AlCuMg1, AlZnMgCu1.5, etc. Hinges in different sizes and materials, telescopic hinges, complete fitting sets, locks, diverse handles, buttons, etc.
aluminium - die casting parts plastic parts electronic accessory parts
Aluminium die-casting parts Plastic parts Electronic accessory parts
Bearing shields, fitting angles, motor housings, motor- and housing covers, flange plates, parts acc. to drawing, etc. Wheels and rolls, profiles in PA6, PP, ABS, PA6.6, rubber, etc. Electronic cables, audio- and video cables, plugs, computer accessories, etc.
stamp parts get in touch...
Stamp parts Your product
Swivel- and fixed roll housings, feet for machines, etc. Our program includes a wide range of further products. Please feel free to contact us!